I’m often asked what makes a successful Gambler/Tipster, so I have decided to write this page to try and explain this.

  1. The first thing is research every aspect of what you are betting on.
  2. Always do your research in a stress free environment.
  3. Stick to a staking plan you are comfortable with.
  4. Never chase a loss, draw a line under a bad day and move forward.
  5. Never bet when drinking or stressed out as this clouds your judgement.
  6. Never be put off a horse by its price as the horse doesn’t know what price he is.
  7. Follow your instincts as they are usually right most of the time.
  8. Only gamble what you can afford it’s easy to forget how much you can lose if on a losing run.
  9. Never change your mind on a selection because someone else has tipped it.
  10. Never pay for tips as there are very few decent honest ones around.
  11. Watch as many races as possible my preference is to turn sound off as commentry  can take your mind of what’s happening and you could miss something you hadn’t noticed on live feed.
  12. Keep track of every bet placed this helps with profit/loss.
  13. Have as many notebooks as possible for each type of racing so you can note track,going,trainer’s form and jockey’s form,horse’s that have caught your eye and have space for notes that you write down for each runner you are looking at.
  14. Have a short list for horses you want to look more closely at.
  15. Use a horse tracker like At the races as they email a runner the night before racing so you can quickly check your notebook for reference.
  16. If you have a losing run of more than 4 days reduce your stake and number of bets placed to limit the damage to your overall profit.
  17. Only withdraw when you have over £150 in bank in this situation I withdraw the £100 and use remainder to repeat process.
  18. Never bet on a horse because it’s shortening in price as 90% of these are false favorites designed by bookie to dupe the less educated punter.
  19. Have as many online betting accounts as possible as bookies do restrict or close accounts of successful punters.
  20. Have fun with your betting and don’t let it get in the way of Family and Friends as they are way more important.

Article by Charlie McGreevy 

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