We caught up with trainer Denis Hogan and got his insight into his latest post that has twitter in deep debate.

In accordance with the horse racing Ireland rules horses, the lowest ballot/elimination numbers will be the first to get into a handicap race , Trainer Denis Hogan has addressed his concern about the system “There seems to be an upward trend in number of entries in lower flat handicaps for instance 89 horses  were entered in an average handicap at Tipperary racecourse although 69 of them got eliminated at the balloting stage

“Surely there is room for another all-weather venue in Ireland further down south”.

Dundalk Stadium is a brilliant venue but only facilitating 14 horses in any race it makes life extremely hard for a trainer to plan and the matter of telling the owner that there horse will definitely be getting a run then trying to explain that now it wont won’t run“.

Also it’s a known fact it is far to costly on travel expenses for the trainer further down south to get to Dundalk regularly“.

While racing is all about the best horses and I Wouldn’t like to see it like the UK with low prize money and small uncompetitive fields , I consider Ireland to be completely the other way around in the way it only facilitates the top horses and the lower lights get left behind and have nowhere to run”.

I also would put my neck on the line and say there would likely be plenty more owners and syndicate members that would be interested in getting involved and staying involved if they were just getting a chance to run and taste success at small stage“.

“Surely what money is generated on entry’s and registrations fees would help towards funding”.