Tell us about yourself?

I’m from Naas county Kildare brought up around horses since I was born as dad was a jockey now trainer and brother is jockey. Mam is a Taaffe so grandad toss and his brother pat were also jockeys so I’ve racing on both sides of family. I’ve ridden 42 winners altogether on the track and 30 pony racing which was a great stepping stone into racing. 

How did you get involved in racing?

I started riding Horses’s when I was 8 on ponies and went racing with friends and I’ve been hooked since.

How do you find the Irish racing rules presently 

Irish racing does a good job to be fair they are all the time improving everything so you can’t say they aren’t trying.

Have you ever experienced Internet trolling?

Small bits but sure it’s the same in any line of work just got to get over it ignore it and move on.

If you weren’t a jockey what would you have been?

 I played soccer when I was younger and supported Celtic football club and fancied myself as a player and was mad into trucks for some reason and would of been happy driving those! Now I’m not sure something in the industry I’d imagine because I don’t no much else.

What do you keep fit?

 I do ride out every morning in Jessica Harrington’s and meet John Hayden and Dad on the Curragh most days which probably is the best way I think to keep in shape. 

What is your biggest aims?

I’d just like to keep improving riding more winners horses and get on a few nice horses. I was very lucky to ride Tilly’s chilli in a group 3 in cork which was great so if I could ride in more of those type of races would be an aim.

Give us a horse to follow 

Nice horse of dads called pass the ball whether it be over hurdles or fences on quick ground he’ll take a bit of beating.

How to you unwind outside racing?

Netflix is used a lot does the job the finest!

Life motto?

 Hakuna matata! 

Whats happening with shake the bucket?

he’ll be out shortly I’d imagine dad cooking up a storm at home, might let me ride him over hurdles.