The horse racing industry employs many people, whether it be in the stables, racecourses, catering or at studs looking after the stallions. Over the past couple of years one area has seen a decline in people looking to come through and do that job, the very job being stable staff. It was deemed acceptable back in the 80s, 90s and early noughties to work long hard hours with your pay not being great, although nowadays it seems to be very much different, with many people looking for better paid jobs to help survive in these times when money is tight, well not quite as tight as about nine or ten years ago but you know what I mean.

For most young people, the thought of getting up early on a cold bitter winter morning is just unthinkable and not very attractive. Of course, there is some young racing enthusiasts that I know on twitter who have went onto get work in racing stables. As I said earlier on in this piece, people nowadays will look for a better paid job if they can, it is even more important if you have a young family that you need to support financially. Many stable staff and work riders wouldn’t classify their job as such a “job”, it is more of a way of life for them, getting to work with horses that they get to know and a bond is formed.

You really would need to love horses if you are going to be getting up at 6:00am with the rain beating into your face on a cold frosty morning, if you don’t then you will struggle to get any satisfaction from your efforts at work. Back to the point of matter though, there is a real lack of new stable staff coming through and no matter how much trainers advertise for new staff it doesn’t seem to me that it is working.

How can racing fix this issue? Perhaps more racing workshops in Schools is one way. I’ll let you, the readers decide what is the best way to try to attract more people to become stable staff