Well the headline has grabbed your attention I will explain in more detail so here goes. Today started off like any other, with the blog posted when I was on my tea break at work. I still had a few minutes to kill so thought I’d look through my emails. It was here that things took a strange twist. Instead of explaining everything I will include a copy of the said email in question.


I need your help and I will make you money!

I bet greyhounds and BET365 price all races up early! I win big money,

Here is where we can help each other!

The deal is simple, we will use your bet365 account and pay you 10% of the winnings.

If you don’t have an account please open one at bet365.com (SET DEPOSIT LIMITS TO UNLIMITED PLEASE)

Let me have the following info:

Bet365 account URSERNAME and PASSWORD

Bank Account details so I can sent you the money to deposit- Ac Name/sort code/Account number

Once the money has been deposited we will operate the account – PLEASE REFRAIN FROM LOGGING IN this alerts 365 to multiple use.

When we withdraw the money will go to your account, we will ask you to send 90% to use and keep 10% yourself.
This is on profits and doesn’t include the original stakes we send.

There is no risk to you at all,
we can not make you a guarantee of winning or the amount, but we do win.  I will give you £100 day one for the account- if it is one that has already been used!
The only downside is eventually they will restrict the account- effectively closing it- but that’s it!

My details are

Carl Harris

Email carl@x22bet.com


Carl Harris

This is a full copy of the email he sent me, hmmm something just wasn’t right, wanting my bank account details as well as my betting account login and username details, whilst suggesting a 10% cut off any profit,but then telling me not to log in so they don’t get suspicious!!!

so I replied back, please ignore my swearing but this guy is trying to empty folks bank account. My reply is below :

What your suggesting is illegal pal just fuck off before I send a copy of this email to the proper authorities so they can send your sorry ass to jail…

He then had the audacity to reply back with this :

“In no way is it but happy to rid ourselves of such vermin.”

Shocked by this response I replied again with this :

Don’t think the police will share your view on this pal enjoy your freedom while you still have it…

It was at this point I contacted Bet365 via email and gave them a full copy of the Email conversation. I’m still waiting on a response from Bet365 but will keep you posted on the outcome.

I hope this kind of thing is a one off as there is no place in any kind of business for your personal banking and betting details being shared, as you would be at risk of compromising your accounts, and their insurance may not cover any loss as a result.

Written by Charlie Mcgreevy for 3Furlongs Out

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