The frequently used phrase ‘money talks’ is alleged to be based on an Italian proverb that dates to the 1600’s concluding how a financial enticement is often the most persuasive incentive for getting something done

This remains accurate today, where the movement of money is also the most accurate way of determining the outcome of any future event. Understanding these market movements can help envisage the forthcoming results in horse racing.

The betting markets have always intrigued me. I believe that it is very reasonable to contemplate that the market holds the key to finding amply winners. The trainers, owners, jockeys and stable staff have valuable privileged knowledge which is not obtainable to your average day-to-day punter. Horse Racing is in a fairly unique position in the sense that the vast majority of sports don’t have a handicapping system and for the most part all punters have near perfect information about the likely outcomes.

“My own perceptive is that, for the most part, factual gambles are arranged close to post time as this is the point when those in the know can get the most money on at the best available prices before the shrewd bookies flag up dubious bets and slash the odds swiftly”.

The other matter I have, other than the “when” are most gambles orchestrated is spotting the fake gambles. I am totally convinced that the majority of bookies cut a couple of no-hopers in the build-up to the race and to try to create a bit of hysteria around the false gambles and get naïve punters to latch onto the unfancied nag, who has never had a chance of winning

The Irish racing betting markets are always a volatile place with the colossal powerhouses i.e. Mullins, Elliott horses normally priced up to a minimal, due to the strength of the stable however a smaller stable’s runners who attracts considerable money is always worth the watching as generally there is no smoke without fire in Irish racing and the market vibes are critical for the outcome of the events.


There is no hesitation in my mind that the astute bookmaker constitution has the upper-hand on us punters due to their colossal trading team right behind them, not giving an inch away and always covering their back but if we can punt level-headed and choose are bets wisely, there is a chance we can remain in profit and stay in control.

It’s not about the amount of bets you place, it’s all about the quality and knowledge of the wagers you place, as betting blind is the quickest way to the poor house.