A lot of racing enthusiasts on twitter have been bewildered by why the Irish champion jockey Ruby Walsh has suddenly ceased using his previously active twitter account.

Whether you like Ruby Walsh or not, the facts and statistics are there, he is unquestionably one of the most successful jockeys of all time and is still the go to jockey for all the leading trainers.

Though throughout his sparkling career he has obtained his fair share of thrills and the occasional spill, which is all part and partial of being one of the leading figures to the sport, even to a racing outsider they will distinguish his connection to the saddle.

Down through the years it is evident to anyone that uses social media channels especially twitter that Ruby Walsh has experienced preposterous amounts of abuse on it and he has now decided to take a lengthy (possibly permanent) break from Twitter as he feels it is not worth the hassle ““It hadn’t made it better it hadn’t made it worse. It didn’t really matter whether I was on it or whether I wasn’t, it didn’t matter” stated Walsh


The Irish champion jockey insisted “Twitter never interested me and it became part of a contract with Racing UK that I had to be on Twitter and then it became part of an advertising contract with Paddy Power” Walsh then added “though It didn’t appeal to me in the beginning and then what occurred to me was that I’m sitting at home on the couch and I’m reading Twitter all day and all night and Gillian is giving out to me because I’m looking at Twitter, I’m not talking to her”


“Perhaps I’m an addictive kind of person so I began looking at Twitter and I’d be driving down the road and looking at Twitter and Twitter was taking over and then, of course, you’re getting all this abuse and I kind of said to myself, I got on to the plane in Dublin Airport going to Cheltenham this year and I was sitting on the plane thinking ‘Has Twitter made my life better or worse?’ and the truth was it hadn’t done anything for my life”.

“So, I just deleted the app on the Sunday before went to Cheltenham and I never reinstated the app and is my life better after deleting the app? It’s definitely less hassle.” added Walsh