Ryan Lee Moore, born in Brighton September 1983 is undoubtedly one of the world best Jockeys. 
However, with that reputation comes the sudden criticism if Ryan has a poor ride or a bad day in the saddle, any sportsmen at the top level of their sport is prone to taking some criticism for their performances. 

The reason I am writing about this subject is an article that appeared on the Racing Post website last week, penned by Bruce Millington . In the article Millington  questioned whether Ryan could do more to promote the sport.

He also went onto say that Ryan could be do better interviews with racing reporters, and okay to a certain degree I would agree with that. Ryan doesn’t give any more than he has too and in a recent interview with Racing UK after his Dewhurst win he gave short sentenced answers and looked as if he just wanted to go and get ready for his next race. Sometimes I do feel that Ryan is overcited for a bad ride, especially on social media and some of the comments are just stupidity from punters looking to make a quick buck. 

Perhaps Ryan likes to play a little game with the racing media for a bit of fun, who knows! He doesn’t like to associate himself with the racing post because of an article they wrote back in 2015 when he was injured, he claims that they cost him big rides around the globe after they wrote an article saying that he would be out injured until the end of the year.

At the end of the day though not everyone can or want to be a showman, just like Frankie Dettori. 

People like Frankie have said that in the weighing room Ryan does really have a good sense of humour. I am sure that Moore backers don’t mind how interested Ryan seems in doing post-race interviews, or what he says, if he does the business for his punters on the racecourse they will always be happy. 

Shouldn’t we not be celebrating seeing one of the very best jockeys in the world riding in the UK and Ireland on an almost daily basis.

So, in conclusion to Millington’s article on Ryan I would say this. Some people are shyer than others and don’t feel comfortable answering questions in front of a camera.

 There is much Moore magic to come from Ryan yet.