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What have been your biggest achievements?

Been riding successfully for 10 years, the 1000 guineas was my biggest success so fair.

How did you get into racing?

The school I went to were big into they introduced me. 

Most Memorable victory?

Winning the Guineas 

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How do you keep motivated?

Just the will to win and be successful keeps you motivated.

How are you finding it as a Freelance?

It’s good I get to see a lot more yards and ride a lot more for a variety of trainers. 

Give us a few horses to follow?

Twenty minutes.  Lappily, Timia, Your Pal Tal. 

Favourite racecourse?

I really enjoy Dundalk.  It’s been a very Lucky track for me.  

Have you ever been targeted online by trolls?

Yep I have. These always the few guys that like to blame the jockey.  Bar stool jockeys. It’s doesn’t bother me makes me laugh actually.  

Outside racing, how do you relax?

I love hunting and shooting that’s my down time.