We recently caught up with the team behind the new equine recruitment app that is about to take the equine world by storm.

Tell us about the business?

The Equi Role Global app is the new global equine industry app from Ferguson Equine Services Ltd. which is based in Co Antrim in Northern Ireland.

The app is initially for recruitment in all equine industries worldwide and in the future will include news and chat functions as well as a marketplace where companies can advertise their products and services.

The app uses code to match candidate skills with the requirements of the employer. The employer will only see those candidates that have the right skills and they can review CVs, see photos of a candidate’s skills and watch videos of them, before shortlisting them. They can then go on to offer interviews and offer the successful candidate the role all via the app.

How did the idea come about?

We have seen so many trainers advertising for staff on numerous websites and on social media in recent times. Because of social media algorithms, only a handful of people were able to see the ads.

There had to be a better way for employers to find staff. After conducting some research, we saw that the same issue with finding staff that exists in racing in Ireland, was apparent in many other equine industries worldwide.

The app will not fix the talent creation issue, rather it will allow all roles in all disciplines  worldwide, to be seen by all.

Candidates will be able to see all roles in their country of choice (or globally) that match their skill set. This will allow candidates in e.g. Australia to search for jobs in Ireland or vice versa etc.

We hired a development company to build the app and with input from Jane Ferguson from the employers viewpoint, we were able to design and build the app.

What are your ambitions and where would you like to take the business?

The goal is to be the key app for all in the global equine industry, in all disciplines. So whether you are a governing body, an equine veterinary practice, a racing yard, feed company or polo club etc., the goal is for the app to be the one everyone turns to.

Once the app has the news and chat function integrated, as well as the marketplace, we hope it will be used on a daily basis by all in the global industry.

How did you become involved in the horse sector?

My father trained point to pointers for my entire lifetime and is also a bloodstock agent, so as a family we have always been involved in the industry

I also have a horse transportation company (FES) which has been in operation for over ten years that mainly looks after the thoroughbred industry, with stud season and the sales being important parts of the year.

In recent years we bought a yard not far from the racing yard, which we use for the horse transport business. As part of FES, we also store foals and young stock for various customers such as my father and Wilson Dennison, which is a side of the industry that we really enjoy.

Favourite racing moment?

Being involved in horses such as Joe Blake, Zemsky and Simonsig. My father training Zemsky to win the Christie Foxhunters in Cheltenham 2011 for Ronnie Bartlett was right up there.

Tell us about the app

The app is the first of its kind.

It is a native app that uses code to match employers and their roles with suitable candidates.

Employers can create roles and browse through suitable candidates, shortlist them, conduct interviews and offer them jobs all via the app.

Candidates can like roles and apply for them, accept job interviews and accept jobs all via the app.

It includes the opportunity for employers to tell candidates things such as if there is accommodation available, if there is a weight restriction, if visa support is provided and benefits such as pool winnings etc..

From feedback we received, it was clear to see that employers are frustrated with candidates showing up without the skills they said they did, hence the idea of the photos and videos built into the app.

Everyone can register for free through Facebook and invite all of their equine contacts to download the app – the more employers and candidates that use the app, the better it will work for all.

The app is available on iOS from early January and is £9.99 plus VAT per month for employers  when they create a role and is free for candidates.

There is no contract and employers can post unlimited number of vacancies with no extra charge.  There is also no fee on appointment of the successful candidate. Both employers and candidates can sign up to the growing waiting list now at www.equiroleglobal.com

Away from work how do you unwind?

There aren’t too many hours off! But we always enjoy going for a days racing when we are off.

Sign up to the growing waiting list now at www.equiroleglobal.com or follow them on twitter – https://twitter.com/EquiRoleGlobal