Over the Christmas period there has been a couple of incidents where jockeys have made an error and have been handed a ban that I feel is too harsh.

The first case I want to discuss is Rob Hornby at Wolverhampton last week. The jockey rode a finish a circuit early, pulling up his mount Almutareed while the others galloped past at speed must have been a horrible sight to see for young Hornby. He was handed a twelve-day ban, which I think is two days more than what I would have given him. 

The inconsistency in racecourse stewarding was proved again when jumps jockey Adam Wedge bypassed a fence on 4-7 favourite Report to Base at Exeter on New Year’s Day. 

The stewards gave him a huge 21 day ban. That’s three weeks. It really is beyond a joke, Rob got 12 days for riding a finish a circuit early, and Adam got 21 days for bypassing the wrong fence. You make your mind up about which is worse, but I think Adam’s length of ban is over the top and perhaps the price of his horse was considered a factor.

 The race itself was a confusing one for the jockeys riding in it, three fences were omitted due to low sun and waterlogging, plus, the first fence was bypassed due to it being a water jump (Which can’t be the first jump). Surely the stewards (Who are not ex jockeys) could have given Adam the benefit of the doubt. 

“He is a good honest lad and will bounce back from this, as will Rob Hornby”.

Article by Jamie Lindsay