I’m often asked about ante post betting and my approach to taking on a Festival so I decided to put it into words, firstly I’m not a fan of Ante Post betting as I have been burned many times due to one thing or another that makes your horse a non runner resulting in lost cash.

I prefer to wait until evening before any race and take the price available then, this may frustrate some reading this who may have a different opinion but it’s just the way I operate.

Now taking on a Festival like Cheltenham – I tend to study race cards a good week in advance and keep tabs on any withdrawals approaching final declarations, again I like to wait until evening before race day and place my bets then as the market seems more settled.

I always back singles at any festival but if I really like more than one horse racing on same day at good odds, I do throw some loose change on it just for fun. To be honest I’m not a flashy type who bangs in 40-1 winners on a regular basis, but I can find the odd gem and if it’s one I have had at 8-1 but wins at 5-1 then I’m more than happy to take that as well.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with taking a price earlier, if that’s where your comfortable then that’s great. Everyone has their own way of doing things especially when it comes to horse racing, I guess that’s what drew me in to horse racing in the first place along with the excitement of seeing your bet fly home, or the despair if it’s chinned on the line. I have had my fair share of those over the years, but overall I’m still as passionate about my racing now, as I was when I collected my first winning bet as a teenager.