Tell us about yourself?
My name is Alex, I am from the magnificent (not) Epsom and I enjoy everything racing – mainly bloodstock and diving into pedigrees, whilst I love writing about horses and Horses To Follow for an upcoming season. I run two racing competitions devoted to the United Arab Emirates racing, mainly the racecourses of Meydan and Jebel Ali.
I am a pretty cliché type of youngster, I enjoy my music, playing games and being on the computer for vast amounts of unhealthy times. Currently doing ‘dry January’ where I’ve had one day on the sauce with an owner friend of mine at Kempton, but bar that, it’s going well! I would say I’ve already gone through my midlife crisis, as well!

How did you get interested in horse racing?
I think this how it starts for most people; I got a tip. I had a tip from my friend Greggo who had a tip from someone working inside a yard, it came in and from there I was instantly hooked. I had surgery on my back a few times, thus giving me hours to sit away and just watch these gracious creatures jump.
I think how I mainly got into it was John Ferguson and watching his jumpers, seeing them win ever so easily was always such a pleasurable time for me. From there, it spiralled into this thing I have on Twitter, and although I’m not looking for a job in racing anymore as I’ve tried for the last 2 years, if something came up, I wouldn’t be opposed.

Most memorable moment?
I think everyone knows my love for Taghrooda – she is how and why I started my fan website devoted to HH Sheikh Hamdan. I think my most memorable moment was when I saw Taghrooda first, but then at Epsom as well, it’s a real tough one. I told my friends she was going to win, they all had a little bit on, it was a good day overall. She really is turning into a caring Mother and was my most memorable moment when watching racing. Whilst seeing Coronet winning the Ribblesdale last season was something superb and extra as well. Screamed my lungs out.

Favourite racecourse?
Without doubt it has to be Meydan. Meydan is just gorgeous. They’ve got everything down to the finest detail. From the dirt to the turf; it’s magnificent. I’ve been lucky enough to be there for the Dubai World Cup, where California Chrome won doing handstands and I went there last year in February inside a private box twice with the lads from the Emirates Entertainment Racing Club, smoking cigars and drinking red wine. It’s hands down, best racecourse I’ve been to.

What could racing do to attract more people?
Scrap these poxy music nights. Nobody I know goes to racing for the music afterwards, it’s just downright silliness. I go for the horses personally, but what would I do to attract more racegoers? I think the first thing would be to have 18+ sections or just 18+ days – kids at the racing get in the way, they scream their head off and although you want to start them young, they’re not the demographic yet. In my eyes, anyway.
Just explaining things to people – racing is a closed shop for the most part, have the jockeys come out and speak to people every now and again. Or a trainer. I understand they’re both incredibly busy people, but taking the time to speak to people will give people the urge to come back or tell their friends.

You run a very popular blog tell us all about it?
My blog is mainly devoted to the UAE racing and Meydan, which I touched upon above but mainly it’s down to competitions and Horses To Follow for the upcoming seasons. Sometimes, I look at breeding and a Mating I’d Like To See, as I said I’m very much into bloodstock, but the website is thriving and doing the best it’s probably ever done.
Before turning it into this, I had a website devoted to HH Sheikh Hamdan and his Shadwell operation, giving them pretty much free advertisement in a different source, helping them gain their own followers without ever receiving recognition. I would talk about the horses in his ownership, do previews on the Sheikh’s horses and some podcasts when I could.
The blog has a new piece coming through called ‘Brennan and Moss’ which is an exciting place to be, I’ll be doing previews on their horses and looking at potential targets for their horses to target, something I was asked to do personally.

Aims for the future?
I don’t actually know, and it keeps me up at night. I have so many things I’d love to do, but just never been given a chance in my life. I didn’t go to university as you may as well through your money down a well, whilst I wouldn’t mind getting into the racing industry, something could be around the corner for myself.
I am applying for roles in the computing sector, potentially looking at system development or anything along those lines – I have so many aims and things I’d love to do, just don’t know how to do them right now.

Give us a few horses to follow?
I don’t want to plug my own website for this, but if you check it; - you’ll find some lovely ones. I think the one I’m most looking forward to is Veracious, she’s a lovely looking Frankel filly who could be a Classic horse in waiting, whilst Ibraz has been kept quiet and he should mature nicely going forward, being a son of Farhh. For the UAE, I had Pirate’s Cove win by streets today at Meydan, whilst I think Winter Lightning is going to win the UAE Oaks and be a sensational filly on the dirt, whilst Purebred Arabian wise, Loraa could be a serious mare going forward.

Away from racing what do you enjoy?
Away from racing, I actually enjoy music a lot. It’s a massive part of my life and I’m always listening to it, taking breaks at work just to listen to it; it’s mainly rap with a good beat and usually the lyrics are trash, I’m just obsessed. I don’t overly enjoy going out, I’ve been clubbed out and as you can tell from above, I have hit my midlife crisis already.
Other than that, I have started going gym after a slight problem with my back after the surgery, so it’s always nice to be back, along with gaming. I love gaming – I am very interested in the eSports side of things, I sit for hours on end watching videos and people play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, as it is so in-depth with so much going on, I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at coaching at some point. Pretty sad for you to read, but I enjoy it!Away from racing and everything else, I am very much into my politics and keeping up with the news, not the mainstream media, mainly outsources like Philip DeFranco who give the details, their opinion and ask for others. I love politics but hate seeing it on my horse racing timeline and have unfollowed many a person for it.
I also have a soft spot for my dog Lexi. She’s pretty much my world, whilst my cat Jessie is too, but Lexi does everything with me. She’s sleeping below my feet as I type this write now. Here’s a picture of her!