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“Life hasn’t been all that straight forward for me, unfortunately my goal to get set up as a trainer won’t be easy also” states Brian Toomey in his exclusive weekly blog for

I have put so much thought into the running of a business and hopefully have good ideas that will enable me to achieve the majority of all my goals, I am aware of how much work and time goes into the training and care of a horse for five minutes of adrenaline on race days.

Most trainers work off a daily routine with most of their string of horses doing similar training where as I would be more into training everything as an individual. The thought of training has inspired my imagination, I would be keen to fill a horse with so much confidence as that’s one of the things I feel racehorses in general lack I feel very strongly about it, the challenges I will face getting set up as a trainer will be fierce as I don’t come from a racing background but I still have a lot of hope and I’m striving for success, I have really set goals to challenge myself and have done all my life.


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Brian Toomey on Kings Grey


 “I have defined my goal in great detail I know what I’m aiming to achieve. Since my injury unfortunately I have isolated myself far too much but if anything, that has helped me to take a step back and re-evaluate”

After what I have been through in my career as a jockey good days and bad, I have learnt to be pretty resilient, in my opinion I am ready for any obstacles that come in my way.

 I do not mean to be biased but the 2 jockeys I am discussing are close friends of mine, the one thing they both have in common is their dedication and they also tend to let their riding do the talking, they both are incredible jockeys to say the least, James Reveley has not got the credit he deserves for the amazing achievements he has acclaimed, this 28 year old has literally achieved the impossible becoming champion jockey in France in 2016.


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James Reveley riding at Auteuil


James had been spending the last 11 summers in France working for legendary trainer G Macaire, 2 years ago he moved over permanently. This incredible horseman also managed to have won the biggest of races including the French Champion hurdle, the French Gold cup with an outstanding 11 grade 1’s in total. This champion is only a flight away and I’m genuinely shocked he doesn’t get the chances he deserves back on the big stage in the UK.

Race goers will be familiar with Brian Hughes this 32 year who last year finished an amazing 2nd in the jump jockeys championship this achievement looked a no hope for a Northern jockey, the standard of jump racing in the North of England is no doubt less competitive then it is in the South so in that case day to day Brian is no doubt winning on a lower standard of horse compared to many southern jockeys, watching Brian winning on the extremely talented Waiting patiently at Kempton in January for the late Malcolm Jefferson was literally breath-taking, the way he can get horses to jump and travel for him is a sheer talent, his strength/dedication/and natural ability is incredible it all looks very effortless.


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Brian Hughes and Waiting Patiently


James Reveley had the right attributes to become champion jockey as does Brian Hughes who has already been a champion before as he became Champion conditional in 2007-08. In Cheltenham this year it would be great to see these 2 incredible jockeys get the chances they deserve especially on the big stage Brian who already in 2014 and 2016 tasted festival success.

I’m very excited for Cheltenham I am perhaps a little apprehensive of how Apples shakira will perform In a true run race where they’ll go an end to end gallop, she looks extremely talented and she sets a very high standard but that is my only doubt.

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