The award winning Equine MediRecord – is founded by Trinity College, Dublin graduates Pierce Dargan and Simon Hillary, who are prepared to revolutionise the multi-billion-euro horse racing industry by digitising the medical regulatory records of its thoroughbred.

The exciting tech business targets a previously unmet need by allowing proper, timely recording of all regulatory medicines records and vaccinations administered to bloodstock.

“Our system has been well received and is already in use by trainers and vets and has been deemed an acceptable alternative by racing regulators. It is easy to use and keep up to date. It provides vital information to trainers and allows technology to assist in horses’ welfare.” insists Pierce Dargan, CEO of Equine MediRecord.

The mastermind concept behind Equine MediRecord is that they sell and maintain a mobile application, website and database to allow proper, timely recording of the many medicines and vaccinations that are regularly administered. Existing medicines registers, which must be kept up to date for each racehorse under a trainer’s care, currently are physical books that require trainers and vets to input data by hand on a day-by-day basis. But these books are easily misplaced or damaged, and, because racehorses and the many people that manage them travel frequently, the process can be time-consuming and laborious. Additionally, different racing jurisdictions across the globe have different rules regarding the medications that are permitted, but there is no central database or system to easily check specific regulations.

Equine MediRecord resolves these problems as records can be updated easily and securely in real time as medicines and vaccinations are administered. It is the first system to be deemed an acceptable alternative to the current Medicines Register system by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board. Additionally, all records are securely stored in the cloud, so that they cannot be lost or damaged; users will receive notification updates automatically when regulations around certain medications change, so that it is far easier to comply with regulations; horse locations are updated when they move to vets or other stables, so that it is easier to track their whereabouts; complete medical records are easily exported as data files, so that there are no grey areas regarding a horse’s history; and alerts are provided automatically to trainers regarding treatments and upcoming vaccinations. Many trainers and vets have helped the company from its inception to develop a very user-friendly system..

Many well-known racing figures have spoken out about their approval of the concept that is certain to immensely improve the thoroughbred industry in countless ways.

“The system is easy to use and will make my life a whole lot easier” insisted Noel Meade’s assistant trainer Emma Connolly.

‘It’s a progressive initiative with an easy to use system which will help trainers save time while keeping their records up-to-date and secure” added trainer William T Farrell.

“it’s easy to use and the list of drugs that autofill is great and saves time” stated Siobhain O’Sullivan, Assistant Trainer at Michael O’Callaghan Racing.

“I have been very impressed with this programme which combines a very user-friendly platform for both trainer and veterinary surgeon with the ability to accurately record medication and treatment details of the racehorses under their care. This is vital in today’s increasingly regulatory environment. I am very confident that this program will be an essential tool that can be run from phones or laptops.” insisted Hugh Dillon, veterinary practitioner & Partner at Troytown Equine Hospital.

Michael Grassick, Chief Executive of Irish Horseracing Trainers Association also added “From the first conversation with Pierce Dargan and Simon Hillary I always felt it was a good idea. With more Regulations from the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board, regarding medical record books states it is imperative that we keep records up to date. Using Equine MediRecord solves these problems. It gives you added security and peace of mind.”

Equine MediRecord passion and determination has been celebrated as their drive has already seen them winning numerous awards and competitions, including two important recent successes at the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association Expo, which concluded this week.

Well-regarded Classic-winning Trainer, John Oxx has quoted “Their idea is innovative, useful and will be a great asset for all those striving to keep and share accurate records.” which speaks volumes about the potential of this company which you will be hearing plenty more about in the forthcoming months and years.

“A wise man adapts himself to circumstances as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it.” And that comparable reasoning can be related to Pierce Dargan and Simon Hillary, who unquestionably have the work ethics and know how to help others in the thoroughbred industry and beyond.

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