As a horse racing fanatic I have to admit you can’t beat the adrenalin or the buzz ye get from a good winner in a horse race, let it win in a photo finish or kicks for home off the bend and wins by any amount of lengths .And that buzz even gets better again if you happen to have a nice bet on him of course .

I’m quite lucky in the sense I get the same buzz from going through a race on a card for may be up to two hours and getting the winner of it without having a penny on him. Just to explain that a bit, most of my favourite horses in following racing for nearly 25 years, I never won a penny on them, I just love horses and racing, o don’t worry I’m probably the biggest mug reading this too, and many a day I went home with short arms and long pockets, but these days I would like to think I’m a bit wiser for sure and I’m one of the lucky ones to survive the rat race of betting, for many of course there not so lucky and they dragged into deep black hole, chasing the fairy-tale that isn’t going to happen, often ending in people losing everything they worked for all there lives, their houses wife kids, jobs, business, their families and even some times very sadly their own lives.

It’s no secret my hate of some bookies, and the way they do business and to be honest there all the one, don’t get me wrong I will probably be in one tomorrow but that won’t make them any sweeter, there scum every last one of them and are no better than the drug dealer on the street corner in my opinion.

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“How any of them can trade legally under any government is beyond me”

Imagine any business working the way they do? Imagine your fat mate going into your local baker and getting charged 10 pounds for a bun because he’s fat and likes buns, and your skinny mate going in and getting the same bun for a pound because he’s healthy? I don’t think the bakery would stay open for too long. well what your bookie does every day is a lot worst, there traders, shop owners selling bets the punter is the customer buying them, they set a price and it’s up to the customer the punter if he buys or not, but this b*llshit of being able to change prices, set different limits, or not sell at all in some cases is criminal in my opinion.

Image result for bookiesIf a bookies opens his door to trade he should have to trade or shut shop, fair enough if he sets limits say for pig iron, max pay out 100,000,its then up to the punter how to try win it, let it be a pound on a 100,000/1 accumulator or 50,000 on an even money favourite, same applies with bet limits this idea of a man able to lose 500 on a horse and another man not able to get 2 bob on the same horse in the same race in the same bookies boils my p*ss, it’s no different than the baker selling the bun to fatso for 10 bob because he knows he’s back tomorrow.

Article wrote by @PTMAHON