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So, let’s start with stewards enquires.

We often see a steward’s enquiry, and many think it doesn’t matter as a lot of off course bookmakers pay first past the post however what about reversing the places further down the field?.

If you are like myself who will often bet a horse in a 16-runner race to be in the first six on the machine or sometimes even more places at odds on. To see a horse not get a clear run. Let’s just leave it at not get a clear run, it is frustrating.

Stewards do and have given out riding bans for these incidents even the racing papers will notice it. All you have to do is read the racing comments, it will often say didn’t get a clear run, yet the stewards never seem to reverse the position.

Up comes the vein in the side of my head. I’m not one to get angry turning into the incredible hulk however the vein in the side of my head does appear occasionally.

I have seen races where a jockey will almost get put through the rails for the stewards to give the offending jockey a few days holiday for careless riding, that’s clear interference but they won’t change the placings, if I can see it. Why can’t they see it affected the placings?.

Owners, trainers, if you see or think your horse didn’t get a clear run or was hampered. Lodge an appeal give the stewards something to do.

In French, South African, American horse racing there is appeals in every race well perhaps not in every race but certainly more regular than in the UK and Ireland.

But this is the floor in it. Just because we are betting on it. Doesn’t mean someone is policing it. I can bet a horse on the machine to place 7th 8th in a big handicap. But if prize money only goes down to 5th or 6th places is anyone bothered about me? Who is looking out for me?

Give the vein in the side of my head a chance to stay hidden rather than protruding because I’m angry to say the least.

Appeal, appeal and appeal.

Article by @Figjamben