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In the height of the turbulent Troubles in Ireland, encountered a truly mysterious crime that remains practically unsolved to this day. What happened the Aga khan owned, Shergar?

Shergar was alleged to be worth over £15 million, he was kidnapped from his stable in County Kildare by a gang of men in balaclavas. After unsuccessful attempts to demand money for the stallion by his owners, Shergar was alleged to have been viciously killed and his body was never to be found.

The most distinguished and appreciated racehorse in the world, Shergar had won the 1981 Epsom Derby by an awesome ten lengths, which is the longest winning margin in the race’s 202-year history. Following this success, he had four more major derby wins and was named European Horse of the Year.

When he retired after that first season, racehorse owners paid up to £120,000 for shares in his services impregnating mares, enthusiastic to have young horses from his precious bloodline to train for races.

The stallion had a prominent white blaze mark on his face, four white “socks” and a characteristic racing style of running with his long tongue hanging out, that was near customary for him.

Shergar was just five years old when he was snatched in the middle of the night from the Ballymany Stud in Co. Kildare. He had been preparing for his second season as a breeding stallion,

Using coded phrases, the kidnappers soon began discussions with a representative of the Aga Khan over the telephone but made sure to hang up before 90 seconds passed so that the Garda couldn’t track their location.

Image result for shergarAfter a long deliberation, the Aga Khan declined to pay the ransom of up to two million because they believed if they had, every racehorse in the world would be in danger, if they bowed down to these thugs demands who knows what would have happened further down the line.

It was an appalling act of evil, that these mindless thugs implicated on the all heart Shergar however we are very appreciative for the memories that this wonder horse produced for us on track, never to be forgotten.