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Weighing racehorses sounds simple, I guess, so why don’t we give it ago?

Is this another thing that should be done and why isn’t it being done, if it can help the punter out then why not give it a go, as it makes sense?

If you could look down and see a horse won a race when it’s actual body weight was 510kg and it is running today at 525kg. Would you want to bet on him?

Greyhounds are weighed before every race and can’t run if their body weight has changed by more than 1kg. You wouldn’t want to be betting a boxer if he weighed in two stone heavier from his last fight, would you?

So why aren’t we weighing racehorses and keeping up with the rest of the world?

I’m not saying trainers are running unfit or fat horses., but you often hear racing pundits saying he will come on for the run or it has come on for its last run, that shouldn’t be the case.

Paddock picks, “this horse looks better than that horse”. “This horses coat is shining”, “you can see a few ribs” he looks fit, all that musings goes over my head however if I could look down and see the horse is down in weight or perhaps up in weight, I can decisively make my mind up more accurate.

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If the trainer has prinked a few things. (prink or past tense prinked to change one’s appearance)

Then the information is there for me to see. In Hong Kong racehorses are weighed, so why are we not doing it? Are we getting left behind?.

I don’t know how it would be done, as you can start betting on races before the horses are even at the track, but that is not for me to worry about, I’m just having a groan at the situation.  If we can give the ordinary punter more information then why not do it?

Article by @Figjamben