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“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds”, Irish born jockey Dougie Costello hasn’t cut any corners in his successful career as a jockey to-date, the results speak for themselves.

Costello is one of the few jockeys to have won at the top level in both codes: the 2012 Triumph Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival on Countrywide Flame, and the 2016 Commonwealth Cup on Quiet Reflection at Royal Ascot.

The Double Group 1 winning Irish jockey has made the perfect transition from national hunt racing to flat, principally because of his hardworking ethics and his never say die attitude in the saddle.


How did you get interested in horse racing?

Horses & ponies were always a part of life growing up in Ireland Co.Galway, In Ireland you either became a builder or a jockey, simple as that.

Most memorable victory?

Quite reflection, winning Ascot was an unbelievable day with everything that happened that year & my family been there.

Do you feel pressure when riding horses, still?

Pressure? I wouldn’t say pressure, I would say excitement to get everything right.

Image result for dougie costello jockey familyHow do you deal with internet trolls?

It’s getting worst I don’t know if more people are betting or more people are online (Facebook/ twitter)

You try not look at it or let it get to you because most of these people never set on a racehorse and haven’t a clue however it’s sad when owners & trainers believe more what these people say than the professional that they have paid to ride their horses!

Horses to follow?

Mr Reckless, Sam missile, Reckless endeavor and The Greatest Showman.

How do you unwind, away from racing?

My family & my two dogs, are a nice get-away from racing.