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We recently had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the team behind PuntHub, the genius concept created by the punters, for the punters.

Tell us about your brand?

Image result for winning clip artPuntHub is exactly that. A hub for punters, a one stop do it all website that you can make your own decision on what to follow. We strive to find top quality services and then let their results do the talking. To be a paid service on PuntHub you first have to prove you deserve it. 100 bet trial or no dice.

How did it start up?

If I remember correctly it was Ben who approached me on doing something like this together. We sat down and both outlined the vision for what it should be (at about 2am) and after I did some research it became abundantly clear there was a gap in the market and we got to work on setting everything up and finding tipsters.

What makes you different from competitors?

Well, our USP is simple. Honesty and transparency sets us apart and giving followers the ability to subscribe to a trial service for a minimum of 100 bets means that if the service is a success you’ve rode the wave with the tipster. It breeds confidence in PuntHub and the tipster.

What packages do you offer and pricing?

Image result for GET INVOLVEDWe love simplicity. There’s no pay as you win. No one of payments and nothing sneaky. We offer 1 month and 3 month recurring subscriptions. We tier our pricing based on how well a service has done on its trial.

Image result for AIM HIGH clip artPlans for the future?

At the moment we are working on the Racing Investors club, we’re trying to develop that into a service that offers a selection of quality tipsters for a flat fee.  We are also constantly looking at tipsters and bringing new content on board almost all the time.

Responsible gambling, what are you views?

We are very passionate about responsible gambling. We believe firmly that you should only bet what you can afford to lose. Although with amount of money some tipsters take off the bookies we haven’t had to worry too much!

How do you deal with internet trolls?

Results. We let our tipsters do the talking and our inbox is quiet. We do have the odd one that keeps coming back for a bite every so often but only on losing runs which in most cases don’t last long.

 How do you unwind away from racing?

Bikes. Bikes bikes bikes. We’re both keen mountain bikers and I got Ben into it a couple of years ago. Being best friends first and business partners second, we both know how to have a laugh and I think it makes running PuntHub together much easier!

Visit their site for further information