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We recently had an Interview with Nicky Doyle, who heads the profitable Bet Alchemist Service.

How did the brand start?

Image result for Bet AlchemistNicky (Me) started the Bet Alchemist betting service on Friday 7th December 2012. It was very exciting, and I admit to feeling pressure and nerves both in equal measure. There were two main reasons I setup the service which remain true even today. Firstly, I knew my winning ways would not be tolerated by the bookies who employ a “no winners allowed” policy.

Tell us about the BetAlchemist brand?

Nicky (me) is 100% committed on the punters/bettors’ side with no affiliation links to any bookmaker or casino led business.

He stands for honesty and straight forwardness with no waffle and all results win or lose published within 24 hours of races been run on his website under the results section.

Nicky’s aim is to ensure that we all make profits from following horse racing which makes the game so much more enjoyable J

Nicky is fully in the trenches with his subscribers in the battle with the bookies backing each and every selection he advises to high stakes.

What makes you different to other competitors?

Bet Alchemist is different from our competitors in that we target mainly the big festivals and weekend racing therefore ensuring high market liquidity on those races which allows us all get on at advised prices and to large stakes.

It’s easier to find a value bet to tip up a horse during the week at a smaller tracks but hey we all know that a twenty quid bet would change the price let alone a few hundred! So what hope have members of backing at advised prices?

How do you ensure your followers to get value for money?
Image result for betalchemistWe work hard to ensure our integrity and honesty stands tall and shines out brightly against a huge volume of poor tipping services that are marketed aggressively but do not show the real results.

We know we tip more losers than winners but that is our modus operandi as we are a value betting advice service that ensures profits are won over the medium to long term.

Advising favourites all the time ensures a high strike rate but also a hole in your pockets. We bag winners from 4/1 right up to 16/1, 20/1 25/1 33/1 and higher!

Do you have a section to view previous results?

Full Results Since Service Went Live listing each and every bet advised since December 2012

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Sales Page & Pricing

Out Main Sales Page is available at with Monthly, Quarterly & Semi-Annual subscription plans available at £39, £95 & £150 respectively.

Can you give us details on Partnership Page & Special Offers?

Of course, we could and do have partnership pages with our partners such as Secret Betting Club which we could replicate for your followers so they get a better deal of say £10 for their first Month then normal prices. – Click here for more info.

Plans for the Future?

Exclusive news here in that Nicky is working with a web development team on a revamped website with new membership software and login integration with the likes of Google, Facebook & Twitter.

The aim is to improve the look, feel but most importantly the end user experience for new and existing users of the website.

The new website is provisionally due to go into production at the end of August so keep an eye out for some major new developments at

Will you being doing Free Tips?

We intend to keep the free Big Saturday Race Preview & Tips as well as the Sharpshooter Weekly ante-post column available going forward.

See details at

Of course, Nicky’s main focus is on his main subscription service and that service delivers the best profits over time.

How do you deal with Internet Trolls?

Image result for internet trolls clip artDue to time pressures with work and family I am not as active as I would like on social media platforms such as twitter & Facebook.

Therefore, I do not have much issues with trolls but the few I have had to deal with I answer them firstly then just zip them or ban them as life is too short.

I let my past results highlight my work and the good service we provide to our subscribers. I bang on about “staying the course” as members need to show some courage and stick out the losing runs.

I fully understand that is very hard when someone is coming from a constant losing position which has dented all hopes of ever winning but I’ve been that soldier so know things can and do change with a different perspective like value betting.

Plagiarism, what are your thoughts?

One thing that really bugged me was a few subscribers who decided to share my tips on racing forums or to racing groups and then accept all the kudos if a few big priced winners arrived.

They were quickly banned as word always gets around thanks to the wider racing community and these idiots end up losing access to a very profitable service!

Paying subscribers to Bet Alchemist deserve to get on at the best prices and anyone or anything that threatens that rite is vigorously defended and knocked back.

How do you unwind away from Racing?

Great question and It’s something I’ve worked hard on these past few years as both my young girls are growing up fast.

I love sport and all sports so will switch to watching Rugby, Football, Tennis, cycling, golf etc. but my main way of unwinding is going for a long cycle.

Thankfully, I’ve got back training on my road bike the past few months and with fitness building up I am able to go for two hour cycles on country roads.

It amazes me to this day how I can be on the bike for two hours and remember little if anything I was thinking when I arrive home. Now that’s a proper rest of the head!

Travel and family events are the other form of relaxation. We have a large family so there is always some birthday or party to celebrate.

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