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Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad, @TwoPoundpunt has really grasped the bull by his proverbial’s, there is no questioning his concept of sensible gambling has really taken social media by storm.


Tell us about yourself?

TPP LogoHi guys! TwoPoundPunt / Elliott here! So, I set up my twitter account about 6 years ago now when in between jobs and looking for something to keep me occupied. I had no idea things would snowball like they have and what started as a hobby has now become a lifestyle. I’m a fairly laid back person and take things as they come. Born and raised in London but do love to travel around whether that be a holiday or following my horses up and down the UK.

How did you get involved and what sports do you prefer to punt on?

A few years ago, I was in between jobs and looking for something to do. I decided to look into twitter and what it was all about and due to my interests quickly came across a few sports betting / tipping accounts. After following them for a while I thought I that I would give it a go myself and set up the @TwoPoundPunt account. Initially started with £2 accas following games from across the world and I was lucky to have some early success and the followers started to add up. My betting style has changed since then but that comes with experience and knowledge of the industry. Now my main bets will regularly be on the football and horse racing and I am starting to dabble in the NFL… Go Jags!

Most memorable bet?

Image result for thumbs up clipartBefore the days of Colossus bets I used to make my own correct score perms. Nothing big, 3 games, 3 scores for each and 20p lines however they did prove to be profitable. It must have been about 3 years ago now but I remember landing a treble on a Saturday at about 620/1. Obviously there was a great buzz with the win and lots were asking if I would a similar bet for the following day. Usually I am quite cautious after a big win but decided to give it a go and unbelievably again landed another treble at about 650/1. Needless to say that was a crazy couple of days.

Most Unforgettable loss?

Image result for thumbs down clipartThis is an easy one… Final leg on a £250,000 Colossus Asian Handicap ticket. Needed the newly crowned Champions to beat a Watford side (who had failed to score away in their last 8 games) by -1.5 goals. Up steps John Terry, a calamitous own goal and a total farce of a game resulted with Chelsea winning 4-3 and the bet losing at the final leg. We did lock in a nice amount but this still haunts me to this day.

How do you study when picking racing selections?

Image result for studying clipartOne thing I have learned with the racing is that there are many ways to go about picking out the “winners”. Some use untold amounts of data, some stick with combos, others look at breeding and all can and do work. For me the biggest issue is time constraints, as much as I would love to spend hours going through all the data it just isn’t possible. I use horseracebase which allows you to create your own “system” and it will produce any matches for the days racing. This has done me well to date and is something I will continue to tinker with going forward. Failing that there is one go to jockey for me… the main man Robbie Power!

Colossus syndicate success.

These pools are something that really fall in line with my style of betting, Low stakes and the potential of big returns. The ability to bet as a crowd together is also something that is really great at building a community of bettors. In the last few weeks we have manage to land two £30,000 pools and were a goal away from making 3 in the big £500,000 rollover last week. My syndicate winnings to date are closing in on £150,000 and with the new racing pools starting this weekend it is exciting times!

Responsible Gambling.

I think this is hugely important and something I believe I am a good advocate for. The name TwoPoundPunt shows that you do not need to be betting huge stakes or outside of your own means to keep things fun and profitable. I always try and take the time to communicate with followers about this and try to find the best way to use any offers. e.g.  the regular bet365 in-play offer is a key example.

Internet trolls.

In this aspect I am very lucky in that I have maybe two or three attempted trolls since starting. I don’t tend to cause a big fuss over these and have actually won a couple over just by talking with them. If there are other “tipster” accounts that I don’t agree with I will just unfollow or mute them. Lift is too short to worry about this kind of behaviour.

Ambitions for the future?

As stated earlier I am very laid back with things. I will continue to run the account how I see fit and try to implement new ideas as and when they are relevant. A main objective however is to do more for Charity. As a collective we have a huge opportunity to do lots of good and this is something I will be targeting in the very near future.

Bet to follow?

All eyes have been on the World Cup the last few weeks and we have won our share of ante-post bets with a couple still in the running. Namely, France/Griezmann win/ top scorer double and the single on Harry Kane top tournament scorer. Both of these have strong chances with the current situation, so fingers are well and truly crossed!

How do you unwind from punting?

This is quite important as everyone needs to take some time to relax and rest. I feel it is something I am quite good at and this should be reflected by the way I conduct myself via @TwoPoundPunt. I have plenty of no bet days especially outside the main football seasons, the more obscure leagues that take place in the early AM and overnight do not really appeal to me anymore. I have plenty of chat on twitter about gaming / tv series / films and music, these are my main ways to escape the betting world.