More frequently punters are being angered by the key issue of having their accounts closed or severely restricted by the leading industry bookmakers, what are the motives behind this fiasco?

Since the turn of the millennium, the Internet has transformed the gambling industry, making online betting the most prevalent way for punters to place their bets.

Professional punters ultimately understand the mathematics of bookmaking, they manage to make long-term profits by applying arbitrage strategies, alongside bet hedging however the internet sportsbooks have made them more undistinguishable from every-day regular punters.

The internet has given the control back to the punters, statistics and trends at their fingertips to enable them to get the pivotal information in a click of a button, before-hand they were unquestionably punting with their eyes shut.

Realistically bookmakers are only seeking to lure mug punters to their sports-books, with their well-executed sign up offers, on the other hand professional punters are being branded as an abomination by the industry.

Winners certainly aren’t welcome at the bookmakers. But how do these up-tight bookmakers definite who punts for a living, or just having a lucky run of winning results?

We have stated the four key pointers that flag an account as professional punter and can lead to closure or severe restrictions of betting accounts.

  • Free bets & bonuses: Professional punters are seldom interested in specials offers. They will only take them if they fit into their business plan, which is infrequently the case as free bets and bonuses come with a long list of terms & conditions.
  • User behavior: Professional punters don’t bet for fun, they bet for a living. You will seldom find them hanging around the website watching live matches. They login, place their bets and move on to the next bookmaker.
  • Profitability: Professional punters take more money out of a bookmaker than they put in.
  • Potential Arbitrage Bookies detest the thought of arbitrage. If you’re not sure what arbitrage is, Arbitrage (also known as arbing) is when you place wagers on both outcomes of an event when there is a large gap between the odds at two different sportsbooks. If you’re able to identify a large enough gap in the odds difference, it is probable for you to make money regardless of the outcome of the sporting at the advertised odds may break the spirit of fair game, but it does not break any law.

The bookmakers should not be allowed to pick and choose who they want to take bets off, ultimately their running scared of the punters. What sort of crazy world do we live in?