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Three-time Cheltenham Festival-winning trainer Christy Roche retired from the training ranks at the start of the year, his willing son Padraig has since taken over from where his father left off with the same mottos and beliefs his father held.

Padraig is only 32 years of age however he has been involved with horse racing from he was able to walk, the family Coolaghknock Glebe operation is certainly in capable hands.

Roche Snr has given his son the right course to succeed, as the old saying goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” which is comparable to the relationship of this father and son duo.

We had the pleasure of exclusively speaking with rookie trainer Padraig Roche. He is destined for success with that sort of exceptional breeding.

How did you get interested in racing?

As for how I got into racing basically, I was born into it. Horse racing was in my blood from the minute go. I often went into the weighing room when my father was a jockey, from as far back as I can recall horse racing was just the way of life

What was your earliest memory of going racing?

I recall tagging along with my father to Jim Bolger’s yard in the morning when he was riding work, then in the evenings going to Aidan O’Brien. Everywhere my father went I wasn’t too far behind him. When I went to races (Frequently) as a child the likes of Danny the valet, Liam Healy snr and Dessie Scahill were all pivotal figures to me. Horse racing is like one big extended family, everyone looks after each other.

Taking over the reins from your father, how has the transition period gone?

I was very blessed that my father’s owners gave me an opportunity to prove myself and to keep their thoroughbreds in training with me. Every day I am learning. if I can be half a good a trainer as my father, I will be doing well.

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What does your general day consist of doing?

On daily basis I’m up at seven o clock. I am fortunate enough to have paddocks, so all mine live out which I think is vital in keeping them healthy. There is only three of us working here, me, Sergi and Aidan, we are always fairly busy throughout the day doing all the daily procedures mucking out, riding, and everything in between.

What is it like to have owners like JP McManus in your yard?

I am very fortunate to have such a good foundation of owners around me with the like of JP Mc Manus and Frank Berry, who have been more than good to me.

I can recall one happening when attained my first winner Out of the loop, it was a feeling I can never describe, Unbelievable experience. Out Of the Loop then injured himself along with three other horses in that same month, no body at fault just a run of terrible luck, that’s when advice from my Father and Frank Berry is invaluable. I don’t know the answers to everything however I am eager to sit up and listen to others who know the game.

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Horse racing has generally more low’s than high’s, you must always keep a level head and really appreciate the good times. If you put the work in, you will be rewarded. I am very lucky in many ways, however luck only gets you so far, nothing beats hard work.

Plans for the future?

To keep my horses sound, and regularly among the winners. It’s all a learning curve I want to keep on improving my horses and making sure my owners are well looked after.

How do you unwind outside racing?

When I get the rare day away from the day away from the yard I enjoy a game of golf with the lads and my father, he is a lot better than me at gold however I will catch up with him in time.