Many punters back a few winners daily however somehow, they continuously finish the day not in profit. How does this happen you ask?

The absence of a common sense staking plan predominantly is the principal issue in punters losses at the gee-gee’s.

If you’re attempting to bet your £5 to make £200 and then go and have £200 on the last race trying to make £700, that’s senseless behaviour, in truth you are seldom going to ever stay in profit with that mindset.

You essentially must stick to a persistent staking plan, for instance place only £5 on your selection, don’t be tempted to have larger bets to get out or to get further in front, as that scarcely ever works out for punters.

“Always record all your bets, losing or winning, that keeps you in control at all times”

The bookmaking industry sporadically have terrible days results, typically when favourites win however in the long run they are continuously in profit due to reckless betting. They loathe to see an educated punter with discipline.

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It is not a one-day race we are playing here, there is practically racing every day of the year bar Christmas day. If you want to see a continuous profit stick to the old tried and tested staking plan.

Limit your risk of loss and slowly build up your betting bank, that is the only way you will flourish in this rouge game of cat and mouse between the punters and the bookmakers.

Having a staking plan is the only way forward.