What exactly is FormGenie?

FormGenie Horseracing Software was developed by Retrospection Software Ltd in April 2006 (12 years ago!) The horserace prediction program is a brilliant cross-platform app (for PC, MAC, Tablets and Smart Phones) that predicts horse racing results with stunning accuracy.

A very easy to use front end masks immensely complicated algorithms that generate unique proprietary speed figures and form ratings by analyzing a multitude of vital factors that are displayed in a very quick, simple and unambiguous format to our subscribers.

FormGenie is a computer program that calculates proprietary Form and Speed Ratings for every UK horserace and combines them into one contextual master rating and then presents the ratings to subscribers via, PC, Tablet or Smart phone. The FormGenie Master Rating is used to forecast the most likely outcome of each race with remarkably consistent and impressive accuracy. Every runner has numerous variables and highly consequential factors to evaluate and only a computer program can be relied on to perform calculations with the required speed and impartiality. FormGenie can either be a complete replacement for your own form-study and selection method or an invaluable supporting tool to help you find the edge that can make your betting pay.

Intelligently designed by passionate racing experts and skilled software professionals, FormGenie is available to you today as an ‘instant-download and access’ desktop application or as an ‘instant-access browser app’ for all Smart Phones, Tablets and PCs. An intuitive interface means that even the most technophobic users quickly familiarise themselves with the program to make betting on horses simple, fast and most importantly, profitable!

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FormGenie is ready to use immediately. The application will auto-download and import racing declarations each morning, meaning there is no tedious manual input required so you can start placing bets before the kettle’s boiled for your first coffee of the day. The live Odds Comparison utility features a comprehensive grid of prices that will tell you at a glance which of the one-click-away bookmakers is offering the best prices on FormGenie’s selections. This means you don’t have to waste time trawling the web potentially missing the best prices available.

  • Computerised form ratings at your finger tips
  • Operate from any smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC
  • Every UK and Irish horserace assessed in seconds with no manual inputting – back/lay
  • Income from gambling profit is Tax Free – so make the most of it!
  • Easy to use unambiguous ratings program has made a level stakes profit each year since 2006
  • Bet like a pro with 50% strike rates when Dutching and 35% strike rates backing Top Rated only
  • Payable daily or monthly by card, PayPal or cheque


FormGenie consistently provides the best level stakes profit (see 365 day results from the results tab) and strike-rate (35% for single top-rated/ 50% + top 3 rated ) available from any Horseracing Software, Betting Software or “Tipping Service” we know to be available. FormGenie evaluates every racehorse and horse race far more quickly, thoroughly and accurately than is humanly possible. Using cognitive and extensive knowledge systems that shape the brain of the Horse Racing Software, the strike rates achieved are the best we know of anywhere.

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Automatic daily updates mean no manual data entry and FormGenie’s intuitive navigation means it is so easy to use. The Top-Rated selections are unambiguous and clearly labeled – as are Dutch and Lay selections.


FormGenie is available in four classes of subscriptions: Day Pass, Weekender, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All licence grades receive exactly the same selections – the main difference is the time the ratings are released to subscribers. Silver & Gold Annual subscribers get ratings from 8.30PM the night before racing. Gold Annual subscribers also have access to FormGenie-Bot. Purchasing is via major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Each subscription class has full access to all User Modes (filters). From the Extreme User Mode, which displays FormGenie rankings for every race regardless of the forecast odds, to the default Super User Mode where only races that FormGenie considers there to be an edge are shown and returns a consistent annual profit in excess of £100K (backing top rated only to £100).

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