Patience is always virtue.

Late October, early November has always been a renowned poor period for punters. The flat horses are winding down for the season and the jumpers are only threading the surface.

I grasp it’s hard to be patient as a punter, to sit back and just watch the racing. It’s comparable to going to the hairdressers and leaving without getting your hair-cut however if you don’t want to be out-of-pocket I’d advise to keep betting stakes to a minimal at the moment. The racing currently is full of quality, yet deficient on any sort of money-spinning value to punters. Look at the beaten dockets covering the bookmakers floor.

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The competitive flat season is now over, the stragglers are now having their concluding runs of the long season, visibly running on hot-air. The lower rated horses are searching for glory on the all-weather now the bigger stables are taking a well-earned break. Owners needs some sort of prize-money to keep the show on the road. That leaves punters in the dilemma of struggling to read the flat form angles. Perceptibly the flat ”winter form” don’t make straightforward reading. Its undependable, a lot of guesswork and market-movers is your only chance of a winner realistically.

The similar situation can be related to the fresh national hunt season, as most of the participants are coming back of extensive breaks, bookies pricing them up on last season’s form figures, preying on the vulnerable punters giving them prohibitive odds for a thoroughbred on their seasonal return. Generally, a group one winning horse can go off 1/3, that rates no value for a theoretically ring-rusty horse who is not going to be given a power-packed ride on return, a good blow out Is more the design. It’s a long season in front of them, why would any trainer want to play their hand-fully in November.

The majority of the star horses are ready to roll on return, but no way do they merits punters backing them as long odds on shot, one loss will almost eat away at all the winning one’s profit if you do your maths properly it’s a win-win situation for bookies. The punters are being given zero value.

I have talked to several prominent trainers who have all stated

“Our horses will be trying first time out however they sometimes need a good run to find their stride fully”

Them sort of statements put everything into perspective punters need to more sensible. The racing now is more of a watching brief. Keep your powder dry for the mouth-watering December racing when there are more attractive assignments to be won and the contenders are more equipped to be competitive.

Article by @Dgconnolly1