The executive team of Equine MediRecord, Pierce Dargan (25), Simon Hillary (26) and Finlay Dargan (28),  were named in Ireland’s 30 under 30. Published in the Irish Independent each year it profiles the country’s most talented business people under 30.

Describe what the business does?

Equine MediRecord provides the first and only digital recording platform consisting of a mobile application, website and cloud-based database to allow for the recording of veterinary regulatory documentation in the equine industry.

What makes it unique

Currently around the world all veterinary regulatory documentation in the equine industry is kept on paper causing a number of issues. The records can become lost damaged or illegible, trainers or owners can be elsewhere when the medications are being administered and regulators have to physically go around checking these records. Documents without the correct information recorded can lead to heavy fines and in extreme cases the banning of a person’s license. This costs the industry a lot of time and money.

Our system makes sure records are filled out correctly, ensuring compliance, while also greatly cutting down the time spent on paperwork. Inspection times are also greatly reduced as records can be sent on digitally by trainers and owners when requested instead of being inspected on the yard. This dramatically cuts down costs, both financially and time spent on regulatory documentation, for the equine industry at large. 

What is your involvement in the business and if you founded it, how did you come up with the idea?

The Dargan family has been involved in horse racing for generations and had first-hand experience of the time spent and the issues that can arise from the current paper system. This led to the founding of the company, when Pierce approached Simon, to see if they could help bring the industry into the digital age.

Pierce Dargan (25), Chief Executive Officer, is head of business development helping to formulate partnerships within the industry and exploring other geographies and vertices for the system both inside and outside of Europe.

Simon Hillary (26), Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for the system, making sure that the platform is extremely easy to use and helping to ensure customers’ compliance. He is head of product development, responsible for new features to the system that could further aid EMR customers while increasing the capabilities of platform.

Finlay Dargan (28), Chief Operating/Financial Officer, is head of the day to day operations, financial modelling and, as a fluent French speaker, business development in France. Finlay is also situated in the UK and is head of Equine MediRecord UK.

What are your plans for the future, and what are your company’s plans for the future

We plan to launch into France in the coming months and are in discussions with other geographies and verticals who are very interested in our system. The company is also currently raising a seed round to help with this further expansion.

A short background on yourself, your education, and your experience

Pierce Dargan, is a third generation race horse owner and breeder. He is a scholarship graduate receiving a MSc in Business and Management with first class honours from Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He also has previous experience in sales with Red Bull and and is an ex-professional rugby player.

Simon Hillary, is a TCD graduate in Computer Science & Business. Simon has worked on multiple projects with the Irish government focused around workflow optimisation through information technology. He has planned, developed and managed the roll out of custom electronic programme guide generation software, custom help desk suite for taking archive request bookings and archive request data analysis.

Finlay Dargan, is a graduate in Business, Economics and Social Studies in TCD and obtained a masters in International Business from the HEC Paris. He has worked in business strategy and mergers and acquisitions in KPMG. He also has experience in private equity working for Lonsdale Capital Partners. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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