In July 2013 Limerick born jockey Brian Toomey suffered a career-ending fall at Perth racecourse, paramedics stated ” it left him clinically dead for six seconds”. He spent 157 days in hospital, where he had metal plates implanted into his skull.

Fast forward five years, the miracle man that they insisted had only a 3% chance of survival has successfully completed all his modules at the British Racing School in Newmarket, now he is almost ready to begin his training career.


“I feel like I’ve started a new chapter in my life, I must leave the past behind, as I appreciate, I’m lucky to be alive. I  taking nothing for granted” insists Toomey.

“I am eager to get Brian Toomey Racing off the ground however I am also intelligent enough to know that I have to get more backing from the horse racing industry, if I don’t have the owners in the yard, I don’t have the horses, but as you can see from my exceptional track record, I don’t give up easily” insisted Toomey.

It goes without saying Toomey’s wealth of experience in the saddle will stand him in good stead for his training vocation, also to strengthen his portfolio further he has ridden at almost every track in Britain bar Chelmsford racecourse.

Presently Toomey is still riding out every day for Clive Cox, savouring every opportunity to learn his training approaches and views ,“Clive is an extraordinary man, he doesn’t miss a beat, I’ve learnt an awful lot from him. If I could perhaps be half the trainer, he is I would be doing extremelywell” jokes Toomey.

When asked about how he will be going about training his own horses Toomey swiftly replies, “I’ll always have a plan with every horse and train each as an individual, this is very significant, no human athlete trains the same as another, some horses will either need more or less work to gain the maximum effect”.

“Luck is great, but most of life is hard work, I’m in this training thoroughbreds’ game for the long haul, no corners will be taken” added Toomey.

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness, decisively Toomey has had a lot of bad days in his life to-date, but his motivational mindset and hardworking ethics are much to be applauded. The future looks promising for Brian Toomey.

If you are looking to sending a horse to Brian Toomey racing or to support Toomey please get in-touch with Brian on 07393569019 for further information.