26-year-old Danny Mullins was born into success. His bloodline proposed he may turn out to be a bit special, he unquestionably has lived up to them expectations.

Mullins has been somewhat of a revelation in the saddle since his humble beginnings back, 21st May 2008 when he attainted his first winner on My Girl Sophie for trainer Jim Bolger. His rapid progression though the jockey ranks has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The young man has the dominant backing of the Willie Mullins operation, though even without them he could still be considered an exceptional rider in his own rights. Danny is the son of accomplished licence holders Tony and Mags Mullins, his strong work ethics have been decisively been grounded in him from a young age.

Mullins has the capabilities of becoming Irish champion jockey numerous times, and if remaining injury-free I wouldn’t rule him out being one the best jockeys of our generation however with that hefty reputation Mullins gets some serious analysis over virtually every beaten ride.

If Mullins has a poor ride, or a bad day in the saddle, he inevitably gets interrogated on his integrity or capabilities for the big position he holds within the Closutton operation, this is entirely wrong in every aspect. Any sportsmen or woman at the top-level of their sport are prone to taking some criticism for their performances however not to the extent which Mullins gets assessed by the ruthless media and through the social media platforms. Mullins seldom gets the recognition he deserves, yet everyone is quick to bad mouth his beaten rides however constantly overlook his acumen in the saddle.

Frequently us punters are vastly fickle beings, scatter-brained is another bad trait we possess, always looking to make a quick buck, posting abuse before we know the facts, nine of ten times the jockey is not at accountability for a horses loss however that doesn’t stop us posting undesirable comments.

Instead of looking for the negatives in racing we should be celebrating seeing one of the very best jockeys in the world riding daily in Ireland.

Young Mullins is only human too, believe me he does a lot more right, than he does wrong. The Mullins name looks set to dominate Irish racing for a good few generations ahead, with the likes of Danny, Paddy and David spearheading the new breed of talent coming through the ranks.

Significant horses below which have played a huge part in Danny Mullins success to-date

The Tullow Tank, Mount Benbulben, Felix Yonger, Sraid Padraig, Footpad, Airlie Beach, Gallant Oscar, Fabulous Saga, Faltering Fullback, Rock And Roll Kid, Logical Song, Draycott Place, Kilcarry Bridge, Polidam, Princess Leya, Teacht An Earraig, Reload, Glitter Baby.