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Niall Greenan of Smartbunkers

“Feeding Horses is the safest from their own feed storage unit” Niall Greenan.

The award winning SmartBunker is a versatile plastic multi-purpose storage bunker which works well for small, regular shaped coal, slack, wood pellets and grit salt. The SmartBunker® is also practical for a range of animal feeds. The bunker has a unique dispensing system with an easy to use pull arm which distributes the necessary amount of product with very little force necessary.

SmartBunker can help lessen part of the risk of Equine Influenza  – it cuts out unnecessary contact between vulnerable and transmitting animals. Working together. It’s a win, win scenario for everyone involved.

The virus is predominantly spread via infected body fluids and secretions (nasal discharge, coughing and foetal fluids), however it can be spread by contact with infected material. This second infection path is where the SmartBunker could be very beneficial. Realistically, SmartBunkers can also help to reduce the risk of any further Equine Influenza outbreaks ever occurring again.

I would highlight the capability to keep each horses feed and feed bucket separate, so reducing the chance of cross contamination. It should also reduce labour costs for staff as the feed will be outside the horses stable and close at hand, assuming you purchase multiple SmartBunkers. Keeping feed safe and reducing the risk of spreading infection is the principle goal of The Smart Bunker.

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