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“Gambling is constantly categorized as being an epidemic to civilization, nobody can openly bet frequently and not be branded under the problematic gambling banner” – James Dolan.

I willingly disclose I gamble four days a week, I have never once gambled with money that I, or my family need to live. I never chase my losses or get violent if I am on a losing run, but why do people still turn their noses up at me when the controversial conversation of gambling pops up?

The society we are in is completely flawed, the minority of people who bet cannot control their limitations, everyone is being tarred with the same brush as being a problematic gambler.I work five days a week, my job is in racing. I adore everything that comes with sport, though I think the so-called problematic gamble fiasco is not as big as the government would advocate. There is no money for educating, or health but there are ample enough funds for dictators to go to war. Brexit means Brexit, that’s precisely what it means, more scare mongering tactics to stop our progression in society.

We are all being treated like children, ‘oh that’s bad, don’t do that’, surely at some stage our own common sense must prevail”

People agonise difficulties on all board-walks of life but the extremity of saying having a punt on the horses is bad for your health is absolutely ludicrous, in some cases people shouldn’t gamble, those with a clear issues, but that shouldn’t affect me, or put my situation under the negligent adult bracket.

I for one am slightly peeved off at having people under-mind my life for the reason that I relish a flutter on the  gee-gee’s frequently. I think people’s one-sided sentiments are the main problem here not the gambling industry.

I would safely say the fun has already stopped for all the gamblers in this modern day world we live. Going to the bookies is seen as bad as cheating on your beloved wife.

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