“When you die, it doesn’t matter how long it lasts you still died”.

Co. Limerick born Brian Toomey was announced clinically dead for six seconds after his atrocious fall at Perth racecourse back in 2013.

Toomey was riding the quirky Solway Dandy for trainer Lisa Harrison. The horse made a few novicey mistakes during the hurdle contest, though three fences from home Solway Dandy made a massive error, leaving Toomey no choice but to take the full force of the horror fall, crashing on the firm summer ground, comparably to going through a brick wall at high speeds.

Toomey was given a low 3% chance of survival, inevitably he was placed in an induced coma for over two weeks, after which he underwent surgery to try to decrease the swelling and pressure on his brain.

The medical specialists stressed to Toomey’s family the outcome of his recovery wasn’t good nevertheless Toomey conclusively proved them all wrong, they don’t call him the miracle man for nothing.

So, you could say Toomey has had to overcome more hurdles in life than most, and the strong-minded young man is now determined to become a racehorse trainer, he grasps his riding career is completely over, not because of his self-belief purely because of medical motives, one more fall would be the demise of his life.

Toomey spoke to us about his ordeal and ambition for the future;

“I am happy to tell my story, not many are fortunate enough to describe what is was like enduring a life-threating brain trauma and death nevertheless here i am which I hope shows everyone my true passion for the game and also my determination to become a racehorse trainer, through all my struggles I have never given up hope.

For a very long time after my fall it seemed very hard to switch my brain on, once it was on, I struggled to switch of to enable me to be able to sleep at night. I was very down in my luck and I had to go through a lot of very excruciating days and unbearable nights. However, with the support of my loving family and close friends I have fought of them demon’s and if anything from this tribulation I am much tougher than before, you won’t see me peevish about the trivial glitches in life ” added Toomey.

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Being optmistic is the only way forward for Toomey

Following Toomey’s extensive career as a jockey comprising of over 800 rides and more than 70 winners, he was one of a small minority blessed enough to make a living from his passion; something undoubtedly, he was tremendously proud of. Now Toomey is in a position to use this experience and commit all his time and energies into becoming the successful trainer;

“Being a trainer is a life-time goal for me and I will not rest on my laurels until I have proved to everyone  I have what it takes to be the best, who know fives years  from now I could have a Cheltenham contender or even a festival winner” emphasised Toomey .

Throughout his career and to this day Toomey has worked alongside a number of hugely successful trainers within the industry, this has allowed him the chance to gain an in-depth insight into their precise training regimes, Toomey has put groundwork on becoming a trainer, now it’s his time to shine: “I never expected becoming a trainer to be easy and I am grateful for the support I have already got through the industry, I just need to get over the final hurdle and then I can get down to getting winners for my potential owners. I have every faith in my abilities and what I have learned, your thoroughbreds are in safe hands with me!

“Money is the key to everything, being a trainer is no different. The start-up fee’s would shock anyone, I’m just remaining focused and hoping the racing community will help me further”

The horse racing community are usually a close-knit sort of family and I have every confidence everything will come together for me, with any luck Brian Toomey racing will be the next big brand, sure you have to think big and I know I have the ability to take on the bigger yard’s and win

“I just need a little more support from the racing community to get me over the line with my training career. Every penny given gets me closer to becoming a trainer”

I am an odd’s on shot to succeed within the training ranks, i dont give up easily and my sheer determination sets me in a different league to the rest” joked Toomey.

If you would like to sponsor Brian Toomey or help him in any way, contact him on twitter by clicking here.

Toomey has a new site – www.briantoomeyracing.weebly.com/

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