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Excluding hurling and Gaelic, horse racing is rapidly becoming one of the most loved sports in Ireland. Our new sub-editor Ryan Sharkey has given us his five reasons on why the sport is striving.


1 The success that Irish racing has had is incomparable to any other sport. The racing industry is in awe of the abilities of the Irish horses and how powerful and well-bred they are.


2 The racecourses in Ireland are considered a main attraction in all three locations from Dundalk right down to Killarney. The redeveloped curragh is the prime example of why the racecourses are so appealing, an architectural masterpiece it is. The courses are family friendly and many offer activities to appease all the family. They also host student race days which encourages the younger generation to go to the races and it attracts more regular racegoers from the younger generation as a result.


3 The racing community is a one of a kind community where everyone has an opinion. The racing community is a place where people enjoy to have a laugh and help one another out whether it be someone giving a tip to help another make money or a trainer offering a racing fan a once in a lifetime chance to see their favourite horses up close.


4 What makes Irish racing the number 1 sport in Ireland is the closeness between the jockeys, trainers, owners and racegoers you will always see interactions between them and the respect that everyone has for each other. Irish racing seems to have the edge over British racing and it’s something the Irish take pride in. Unlike other sports horse racing in Ireland is on the rise attracting bigger crowds each year at the festivals. Irish racing will continue to grow and seal itself as the number 1 sport in Ireland