This is an exciting time to introduce Astech Gold an innovative company that is making its name in the world of sports betting.

When it comes to betting, we all have different circumstances, so how do we decide what our staking levels should be?

We know our selections, the amount of money we have to bet with, the odds, the type of bet, whether we are on a winning and losing run and whether we feel a bet is a good thing or not…but…do we know how much we should be investing in our bets? Click here for more information.

Astech Gold, launched in the UK in 2017, uses Advanced Staking Technology in answering that difficult conundrum in sports betting or any odds related event: ‘How much should I stake?’ Capable of working in different currencies and in different markets globally, Astech Gold brings structure, management and stability to your betting investments. 

Astech Gold does not provide selections or in any way gets involved with your betting accounts but will provide, among many other useful features and functions:

  • Recommended Stakes  
  • Event Time Order facility
  • UK and Irish runners Pre-programmed Daily
  • Currency Options
  • Results, History Graphs and Return on Investment
  • Watch List/Tracker facility
  • Ante-post log

Full Operational and Customer Support are provided together with tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and a detailed online User Guide

As a Member of Astech Gold you are able to set up your own Operating Profile and receive personalized recommended optimum stakes based on the information you have entered. 

Astech Gold combined with a great tipping system has produced formidable results. You can put yours to the test.

To see whether Astech Gold would be a useful tool for you to have in your betting armoury, a FREE 7 Day or 20 Selection Trial is available.

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