Inform trainer Matthew Smith

The 2019 Galway festival was magical; from start to finish – horse racing aficionados scarcely got an opportunity to catch their breath from all the top-class action.

There were countless successes which were foreseeable though in the same breath many won against their estimated odds.

The odds were well stacked against Go-getting young Trainer Matthew Smith who had One Cool Poet declared for three races at the Ballybrit venue; which the horse duly obliged in all three. Smith is now considered the messiah of the punters bank-balances; this relatively small-time handler completed an extraordinary training feat;

Three wins in within the one festival with One Cool Poet; it’s almost far-fetched but this well-clued in trainer has achieved it. Many trainers would be rejoiced with one winner at this fiercely competitive meeting but for this Co. Meath trainer to pull off this ambitious three race shrewd placement of his horse will surely put his training skills further in the limelight for the next few seasons.

I hope Smith gets a greater social media presence and milks his new-found fame to the high heavens, these things don’t happen to often; so I’d hope he is embracing it.


Speaking of his successes Smith maintained; “It is brilliant and I’m shocked and it is dream stuff for me. He has been up and down to the yard all week and was out in the field on Wednesday, had a hack on Thursday morning, same on Friday and then today. “He was really relaxed and chilled out in the parade ring and I was going to tell Billy (Lee) that I thought he was better today but was nearly afraid to say it!

“Busted Tycoon did it a few years ago but that was on the flat and over hurdles and this lad is the first to do three on the flat (at the Galway Festival).” Added Smith.

This is the stuff of dreams; Galway is the theatre of dreams. Nothing is impossible; as long as you have the know-how.