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Astech Gold is an online staking technology company whose programme compliments sports betting & trading. 

Astech Gold engages with organisations that provide tipping services to their members. So if you or your members are looking for a robust staking plan then check out

Astech Gold advises on staking and therefore can be used in conjunction with any great tipping service, specifically providing recommended stakes based on each person’s betting situation.

Deciding how much money to stake and what is the optimum amount to invest are key factors in betting. After winning or losing for example, should I increase or decrease my stake? Astech Gold has the answers…

Features Include: 

  • Personalized Recommended Staking
  • Individual Settings
  • Time Order Function
  • Pre Programmed Settings
  • Results History
  • Operational Support

Astech Gold Advanced Staking Technology is currently offering all 3 Furlongs Out followers one FREE month to explore the benefits of Astech Gold! Offer expires 31 August 2019. 

More details;

You will wonder how you managed without it!

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