When it comes to sports betting do you use a Staking System?

Many people go to great lengths to determine their selections by examining the going, odds, information, tips etc.

In developing Astech Gold’s Advanced Staking Technology creator Andy Crossman examined many of the staking methodologies punters use, including –

– Percentage of Bank

– Level Stakes

– Number Series

– Staking based on selections Odds

– Staking based on selections Value

– Martingale Staking

– Arbitrage

– Random Staking

Crossman identified problems with most conventional third party staking plans and noted a lack of enthusiasm amongst the majority of people to stick with them.

Many punters do not or have not considered having a managed and controlled betting bank.

Astech Gold ‘s membership site places the emphasis on optimum staking and allows the user to receive a calculated recommended stake for each selection.

Staking results are able to be inputted and betting history can be monitored, tracked and graphed.

This assists users to control, stabilize and manage their own betting banks.

You can read more about these plans in the Astech Gold Story www.astech.gold