Have you asked yourself this key staking question? How much do the odds for my chosen selections influence the amount I stake? and will that stake be realistic according to the betting bank I use?

In most cases, unless you are sticking to Level Stakes, the greater the odds the lesser amount invested and vice versa -the lower the odds the greater the stake invested. Expanding that thinking further once a few results are in…

The more losses, the greater is staked on future selections to recover the losses and the more money won the greater is staked to try and win more, ‘as it’s not money I had in the first place!’ Sound familiar? So that begs the question: How much should I invest on each bet?

That’s where Astech Gold can assist.

Astech Gold will monitor your investments and using a number of factors applicable to you, such as your betting bank and chosen risk levels etc. provide personalised Recommended Stakes.

Astech Gold’s Advanced Staking Technology will work with your selection choices ensuring you are investing in the best possible way to control and manage your betting.

The amount placed on a bet is an incredibly personal experience and Astech Gold will provide stability in a continuously changing betting environment with a managed approach to your particular criteria.

Find out how Astech Gold can become your very own personal staking adviser.

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