Colossus Bets is an online betting sports betting firm with its headquarters in London. Established in March 2012.

They are a marketplace-leading UK pools betting site. Their life-changing jackpots are offered across a range of sports including horse racing – Players place bets into their pools for an opportunity to win or share with other winners the immense jackpots. There is also the chance to win or share with other winners the substantial consolation prizes. Colossus offers Cash Out in all the pools, which means players can obtain surpluses even on tickets that go on to get beaten.

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What is Colossus Syndicates?

Colossus Syndicates is the first-ever ‘crowd betting’ solution for sports pools. You can crowdfund tickets into Colossus pools, either by backing current tickets or becoming a ‘Captain’ and creating tickets yourself. Colossus handles all the setup, funding and pay-out administration so players only have to be concerned about putting on their bets.

When can I bet and exactly how do I place a bet?

You can bet at any time after a pool is loaded on the site up until the arranged first race(leg) in the pool. Click on the pool you want to enter to navigate to the main pool page, where you will see the coupon and bet slip for that pool. On the coupon, make at least one selection in each leg. Each set of choices are recognized as a ‘line’. You can make numerous selections per leg, but this will increase the cost of your ticket in comparison to the number of lines selected. On the bet slip, choose your stake per line.

When you are ready to submit your ticket, log in (or register if you don’t already have an account) and click the “Play now” button. It is that uncomplicated.

How do I make my own Colossus Syndicate?

Before you can generate a Syndicate, you need to create a Captain profile. Click on the ‘Create’ button and add a Captain name and avatar image. Your Captain name needs to be different than your account username.

The next time you click on the ‘Create’ tab you will be taken to the list of open pools where you can select which pool to create a Syndicate ticket for. You can then make your selections, choose the stake per line when playing by yourself and click “Continue”. The final step is to add your contribution to the Syndicate, which must be between 10% and 50% of the overall ticket cost.

How can I enter a Colossus Syndicate?

You can join a Syndicate by navigating to the ‘Syndicates’ tab and browsing the list of available Syndicates. Click on a Syndicate to view the ticket selections. You can contribute using either one of the suggested bet amounts or the free form box to type in your own contribution. You can join Syndicates from as little as €0.20.

What is pool betting?

Pool betting is a form of betting where players contribute a fixed amount (stake) into a pool and then select on an outcome or series of consequences (legs). The pool (after operator deductions) is then distributed amongst those that have made the correct selection.

Colossus pools have transformed the old-style form of pool betting by featuring: – Guaranteed jackpot prizes – accessible to winners irrespective of the total amount of player contributions into the pools.

Consolation prizes – for those who miss winning the Big Jackpot prizes.

Cash Out offers – allowing players to sell all or part of their tickets back to Colossus and lock in a profit regardless of the outcome in the remaining legs in the pool.

What is Smart Pick?

Smart Pick is an exceptional Colossus feature that helps you make your tickets selections when you can’t make up your mind or just need an extra hand. Once you’ve chosen your stake and number of lines to incorporate in the ticket, the Smart Pick feature picks from the most probable outcomes in each leg. If you don’t like a selection made by Smart Pick for a specific leg, you can adjust that selection before buying your ticket.

How does Cash Out work? Where do I see my Cash Out offers?

Sometimes, Colossus will make an offer to buy a ticket that is still eligible to win a prize (jackpot or consolation). These offers are normally made between the end of one race in a pool and the start of the next race. In some occurrences, there may also be Cash Out offers made mid-way through. Colossus allows players to sell parts of their tickets in 10% portions, allowing you to cash out part of your ticket whilst still retaining a chance of winning the main jackpot prize. Log in frequently to your account while the pool is in progress and check for Cash Out offers under “My tickets”.

How do I track the progress of my tickets?

Initially, make sure you are logged in. Then click on the ‘My tickets’ tab to gain access to all your tickets. All pools that are in progress have a “History” and a “Leg-by-leg results” table. The Leg-by-leg results table reveals all ‘live’ units in each remaining leg in the pool.

How much will I win if I get all selections correct on my ticket?

You will win or share in the case of multiple winners of the jackpot amount for that pool. You can remind yourself of the amount you are playing for by looking at your ticket under “My ticket”.

What happens if jackpot isn’t won?

If a pool is not won, then the stakes contributed into that pool will carry forward into a forthcoming comparable pool (and so on for an indefinite period until the pool is won). For instance, a rollover on a Pick 6 pool will be carried over onto the next Pick 6 pool. Amounts that carry forward are recognized as ‘rollovers’. Any present rollover amount is shown in the expandable section of the pool header.