“Modern day bookmaking has turned mice into men. Some bookmakers in the old days wouldn’t lay an egg” insisted on-course bookmaker Barry Pinnington.

He then added;” With the introduction of the betting exchanges they will take most wagers as long as they can arb it. Anyone can run a book which is basically done for them with modern day software available” – emphasized Pinnington. It is well-documented this likable Chester based bookmaker is not scared to take a ‘sizable’ bet of any opportunists at any of the racetrack betting rings he occupies the length and breadth of the country – if there is a horse race happening, this happy-go-lucky layer with the ‘moustache’ will have it priced up accordingly on his unmissable betting boards.


Pinnington followed in the footsteps of his father becoming a bookmaker in the early eighties, although things where a lot different back then maintaining to us; “Basically in the old days punters would have a bet on a Saturday after getting their wages on a Friday, nowadays with the explosion of sport betting they can play on their apps every minute of the day, so going to a racetrack is not that important anymore”.

He then added to the discussion; “With the introduction of betting exchanges how can it be right that anyone than everyone is permitted to lay without going through a strict licence approvement? There are so many things against the traditional on-course bookie including margins which all punters can now monitor via exchanges”.

Like most things in life people come and go, traditional books are a vanishing breed, almost like dinosaurs. Is there any potential future for on-course bookmaker in the midst of the automated computerized betting systems? And can Pinnington see a ray-of-light? he responded; “If you ask a modern age bookie to price up a point-to-point or trotting race they would vanish to the bar – As long as they have an exchange to follow, they are thrilled. Not proper bookmaking on my mind nonetheless than is the society we are currently living in”

Pinnington then summarized his opinions on the future; “As long as there is still Point-point trotting and festival meetings I will always do ok. It’s a lot harder these days although I am prepared to travel to pay the bills”.


It is not all doom-and-gloom, Pinnington is willing to stand punters a good bet, and he will not restrict you like the present-day breed of electronic robots online.

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars – Barry Pinnington is an unsung hero of the British betting ring.