On Demand: Danny Mcmenamin Nietzsche Cheltenham

Downpatrick-born jockey Danny McMenamin is a long way from home reassurances of his family in County Down in these times of ambiguity surrounding the coronavirus epidemic. The inconsequential topic of Horse racing not being continued behind closed door, or to the public is irrelevant in the scale of pandemic of what is going around the world with life, and death seemingly at risk – there is much more calamities than a few races being run to say the least. With A Bit Of Luck, the racing can start up again, when the authorities deem it safe. Livelihoods are on the line although in the same breath, so are lives.

British based McMenamin spoke to us about how he is managing in this time of anxiety being so far away from his hometown in Northern Ireland, he insisted; “it’s a tough time for everyone at the minute finically and mentally but I am very fortunate to be honest I’m still able to go to work as the horses still need to be exercised and cared for and I presently live with my girlfriend and her family – who look after me very well which makes things a little bit easier as with me living far away from home.

On Demand: Danny Mcmenamin Chebsey Beau Musselburgh

He then added; “I would be in contact with my family fairly regularly to make sure they are doing okay particularly with times being tough. I’m glad I am still working away because it keeps the mind right I just hope this all passes as quick as it came and we can all get back to normal all we can do is follow the government’s guide lines and look out for one another” highlighted McMenamin.