As the flat season is well underway, I thought I would dive in and take a look at a Sire that has been dominating the sport for the past decade or so, Galileo

The amount of money that Galileo makes Coolmore Stud during the covering season is absolutely monumental. I have been able to find information that he covered 158 Mares last year. And this is where the maths comes in, if you match that figure with his stud fee. This according to Wikipedia is 350,000 Euro. Nobody knows what it is, it’s set as private. So here is where the maths comes in…

350,000 X 158 = 47.4m Euro or £39.6m in Sterling! 

That’s 129,000 Euro he made his employers Coolmore Stud every day of last year. Or £107,000 in Sterling. 

The beauty of it is that if he has covered the same amount of Mares whiles his stud fee which since 2014 has been set at 350K, then that total is an astonishing 189.4 Million Euro. If he covered more than 158 Mares in 2014, 2015 or this year than those figures would be even more astonishing, say for example Galileo covered 180 – 200 Mares… Here’s some number crunching.

350K X 180 Mares = 63 Million Euro (Sterling = £52.7 Million)

350K X 200 Mares = 70 Million Euro (Sterling = £55.5 Million)

On the racecourse his Sons and Daughters make plenty of money. In Worldwide Group One races he has had 64 winners from 276 runners that’s a 23% strike rate. His progeny have won immense £38.7 Million pounds. And with the likes of Churchill, Rhododendron, Minding & Order of St George all in training this year. 

In total Galileo’s progeny have won around £39m in prize money in G1 races worldwide. 

All those stats make Galileo not just the most expensive horse on the planet, but also one of the most expensive animals anywhere in the world. If he carries on for another 5,6 years than he will be a billion pound Horse. 

Article by Jamie Lindsay 

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