We take a closer look at Hong Kong riding sensation Joao Moreira that Irish trainer Willie Mullins has booked to ride the Rich Ricci owned Thomas Hobson in the Melbourne Cup.

This is an unlikely story, an underdog story is the way I’d put it. Joao was born in Brazil in September 1984, It was quite a poor part of Brazil as well. 

His family didn’t have much money to spend. From a young age Joao loved horses and set himself an unlikely dream of becoming a Jockey one day, a chance meeting with a hometown jockey at a big race meeting in Sao Paulo opened the door for him to join the Jockey academy in the country’s biggest city. 

In a race he rode a Filly for a leading trainer. Joao couldn’t handle the 380 kilos of her and could only manage second. He came back to unsaddle her and the trainer said nothing to him, there is nothing worse than angry silence from a trainer in the unsaddling area. The following day he said to Joao, “What are you doing?” “If you can’t control the smaller horses, then how can you handle the bigger ones?” “You were not born to be a jockey, go find another job”. Joao was broken he had no support and no family. 

A couple of years later he got a riding contract in Singapore, where he enjoyed great success. He is believed to have broken a world record by winning all Eight races on a single card. 

Then came an offer from the Hong Kong Jockey Club to ride in Hong Kong. Where he has announced himself as one of the world’s best jockeys. 

He broke the record for most wins in a season when winning a stunning 145 races (Only 2 or 3 meeting in Hong Kong per week). Already this season he has broke that record by winning 155 races.

He continues to make a legacy for himself, there is more chapters in the remarkable story of Joao Moreira to be written. 

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