Irish Trainer Damian English has become a predominant force around Dundalk Stadium, in the last numerous season with likes of his trusty Geological and the gutsy Tribal Path, who continue to fly the flag high for his small but capable operation in Naul on the outskirts of Dublin.

English recently tweeted a message of frustration from an owner in his yard, not happy about the lack of low grade racing available in Ireland and Dundalk Stadium in particular.

The lower rated horses are being totally discarded and the winter racing calender seems to be geared up for the bigger stables and the lesser lights are not getting a chance in the game, where the small trainers are struggling to make ends meat.

More and more of horses are getting balloted out of meetings every week and you just have to look at the early entries for Dundalk Stadium to realise something has to change, as it’s just not economical possibly to have a horse in training and not be able to get a run for it when needed.

As Daimian English has insisted “has the game got to big for the average working man”.

That’s the question only HRI can answer?

It doesnt take a genius to spot that evidently there is a serious problem that needs some serious thought, before the small stables and owners call it a day and turn their backs on the sport.