We recently had the privilege of an exclusive insight into SCRATCH AND REVEAL, a new and exciting horse racing conceptwww.scratchandreveal.co.uk/

Tell us about your company?

We are the first UK racecourse scratch away poster! We are founded by a passionate racehorse owner who shares the same emotion and adrenalin as the race-goer.

How did you start it up?

I made the poster for my own use, to track where we have been and with each racehorse we have owned. We are on a mission to get around all 60!.

Racecourse Poster

What makes your company different?

We are one of a kind…. there is no one, who offers a racecourse scratch away poster. We are delighted that so many people have been searching for a product like ours for years and have now finally got one.

Plan for the future?

To create an Irish racecourse scratch&reveal poster and potentially move onto British Eventing tracks

Favourite horse?

Of course, we are bias as we own the gorgeous Ice Tres. My childhood favourite was the warrior, Best Mate. I have many a painting of him.

Favourite racetrack?

Haydock, although where we get our first winner as an owner will become our favourite. We hope this will be soon.

Where do you see your company in three years’ time?

I see us with a wide product range in the equestrian industry attending all major open days / events/ trade shows. We are already very proud of what we have achieved.

Away from work how do you unwind?

Alongside working full time as an International Account Manager, I enjoy spending time in Devon with our racehorse and travelling. I have a wonderful partner, Chris and Patter jack dog called Ralph who certainly keeps me on my toes. Any other spare time is spent on the golf course, show jumping circuit or in the garden!

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Follow this exciting brand on twitter @scratch&reveal and be sure to check out their website – www.scratchandreveal.co.uk