Pacemakers, the speed, the rabbit. Whatever you decide to call it.

Where a horse is in a race to make sure there is a strong pace normally to benefit another horse in the race with the same trainer or owner.

Are these horses non-trierers. We have all seen it where a horse goes straight to the front to make sure there is a strong pace normally doing crazy fractions for the distance of the race. Has anyone ever heard of a trainer having to give an explanation why the horse went off so quick or a jockey having to explain to the stewards why he went off so fast. Basically, a non-trierer as the horse is in the race to do one thing, make sure there is a good pace.

I’m sure the jockey gets given instructions on how to ride the horse and what to do. Could you imagine a jockey not listening and riding a normal race giving the horse a actual chance and the other horse getting beaten.

So, we can all look at a group one and see a horse with a 100-1 price that has never been over the distance and is there to set the speed. But should trainers before the race have to declare it’s a pace maker a non trierer. We are not talking about a genuine front runner. Whose jockey will know when he is setting a reasonable pace or is going too fast.

What about poor old Betty down the road who has had a euro each way as the horse has the same name as her grandson. To have basically bet a horse with no chance as it will go off to fast and not be given a chance. So, it’s a non-trier. If it was the other way around and there was an even money favourite in a group race that went off to fast. Not even to fast but was ridden so it didn’t have a chance.

Every Twitter account Facebook blogger racing paper would be criticising the jockey and I think the internet would break if a trainer said afterwards we thought the horse could run a mile and half flat out. There would be an enquiry then well one would hope there would be.

So isn’t it about time we are honest about it. Pacemakers are non trierers nothing untoward going on as the horse will be trying to do the job it has been given and the jockey will be following instruction. But should trainers have to declare this.

A simple comment on the form (Pacemaker) so poor old betty can keep her two euro’s and not just throw it away. But then you could almost guarantee a trainer declaring a horse as a pacemaker for it to be held up and win.

In this day and age, we need to make the sport as open and as easy as possible to people who are not regular race goer.

Imagine trying to explain to a newbie. Yes, you can bet on this horse, yes if it wins you will get paid however it’s not actually trying to win the race.

Article by @Figjamben