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Kildare based trainer Denis Coakley voiced his concern on social media, surrounding the non-existence of healthy eating options accessible to jockeys at most Irish racecourses, in particular the evening meetings.

Coakley stated “I’m tired of hearing about pathetic catering provided by most Irish racecourses in the jockeys room. Evening Meetings, no proper food, many riding light and leaving for the long journey home, as late as 9pm”

“If they don’t provide hot food racecourse licenses should be withdrawn”.

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He also added “The jockeys cannot use normal racecourse catering facilities, as there are bars in them. So, they are having to use fast food restaurants late at night on way home, which is certainly not aligned with the healthy eating habits they are encouraged to follow”.

Coakley is entirely accurate in what he has stated, many industry professionals are thinking the along the same lines however they blatantly refuse to speak out about the vital issues.

Supermac’s or McDonalds is not tolerable food for our jockeys, but if nothing else is available on the evening meetings, what are they to do? they still need to eat.

Irish racecourses need to step up their game to ensure acceptable hot food is always always, there shouldn’t be any difference between day or night meetings.

Employing a nutritionist on a part-time basis could conceivably resolve the issue that they are presently overlooking.

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The jockeys aren’t even looking a handout, they would be more than prepared to pay for the hot food that they want, not the junk food or mouldy sandwiches currently available

As the old proverb goes “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Racecourse need to be more clued up on the healthy eating scene, and stop burying their heads in the sand.