49% per cent of jockeys in Ireland had symptoms of depression” stated Irish turf club doctor Adrian McGoldrick recently in an intriguing interview.

Dr Adrian McGoldrick has worked so hard challenging and helping the competitive world of Irish horse racing , to improve jockey’s safety and care for all their medical needs since taking over as senior medical officer at the Turf Club in 2007.

While also enduring to run a busy general practice in Newbridge, he is always studying, assembling as well as spending considerably time raising awareness of how to prevent injuries and always ensuring significantly more support is available for concussion and depression , which wes purely swooped under the carpet in the years gone by.

McGoldrick has put himself out there and is unquestionably not prepared to be hushed as there are issues that certainly need more attention and there is no better man than Adrian to guarantee ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’ for our brave riders who regularly put their lives on the line.

Adrian McGoldrick is one of those figures who doesn’t seem to receive near enough acknowledgement for the effort he does for the jockeys and for the whole racing industry, conclusively he is an unsung hero of Irish horse racing.